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Your rights


Holiday did not go as you had planned? You don’t know how to prepare a complaint form? Get to know about your consumer rights or lodge a complaint to the European Consumer Centre if you concluded a contract with a travel agency from another EU country.

Passengers rights

Your flight was cancelled? Air carrier has lost your luggage? A train you travelled across Europe was delayed and you lost a night in the hotel paid in advance? Check how to prepare a complaint form and get a compensation.

Shopping in the UE

Have a problem with product or service bought in another EU country? Complaint was not successful? Check what are your rights or lodge a complaint to the ECC-Net.

Online shopping

You bought a product in online shop from another EU country? Have a problem with a complaint? Want to cancel a contract? A trader refuses to refund money back? Check what are your rights and how to enforce them.


You bought a used car in another EU country? It turned out to be defective and dealer did not respond to your complaint? Car rental company charged your credit card twice? Get to know about your rights or lodge a complaint to the European Consumer Centre.

Complaint letter templates

What should a complaint to a trader contain? Use the prepered tempalates!

Examples of cases

             Koronawirus  a  Konsument  w  UE