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Our mission

The network of 30 European Consumer Centres (ECCs) empowers consumers to know their rights and to take full advantage of the opportunities the Single Market offers.

How we accomplish our mission

The ECC-Net‘s legal experts assist consumers to solve their cross-border problems free of charge by providing strong legal expertise.

The network offers a unique overview and reliable information about consumer affairs in the Internal Market which can be used for policy making in collaboration with European and national stakeholders.

European Consumer Centre Network (ECC-Net)

The European Consumer Center Network “ECC-Net” is a network of 29 offices in the 27 EU Member States, Norway and Iceland. ECC’s are co-financed by the European Commission and national governments, as part of the European policy to assist every citizen in Europe to take advantage of the single market. The aim of the network is to provide free of charge help and advice to consumers on their cross-border purchases, whether online or on the spot within these 29 countries.

Watch how we work: European Consumer Centre Network

how does ECC-net help customers?

The main objectives of the European Consumer Centre Network are as follows:

  1. Providing consumers with information
  2. Assisting consumers with a complaint
  3. Assisting consumers with a dispute
  4. Organizing promotional activities
  5. Contributing to ADR development
  6. Networking and feedback
  7. Cooperating with enforcement authorities
  8. Collaborating with traders (associations or professional bodies)
  9. Ensuring a uniformly high quality standardized service

European Consumer Centre (ECK) in Poland

European Consumer Centre in Poland (ECK) was founded in 2005, pursuant to agreement of the European Commission with the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK). The project is financed from the funds of the European Union and the Competition and Consumer Protection Office. ECC in Poland is a network member of European Consumer Centers (ECC-Net).

The ECC is not competent:

  • For complaints involving two private individuals (purchase of goods or holiday rentals between two private persons for example)
  • For complaints involving two traders (for example claims linked to business directories)
  • If the complaint concerns a trader outside the geographical scope of the network (Switzerland, USA, China, Russia…)
  • If the trader has expressly refused to cooperate with the ECC-Net
  • If you have already started a legal procedure/court procedure

If your query relates to a matter that falls outside the remit of ECC-Net, we will inform you accordingly and provide the contact details of any relevant body or organisation competent to deal with your query. This will be the case for example

  • If we cannot identify the trader (false addresses, hidden registrar of webdomain….)
  • In case of fraud (counterfeiting, so called snowball systems, …)
  • For specific investment products such as forex and binary options

Contact us:

  • by phone: 22 55 60 600 (Monday-Friday, 10 am-2 pm)
  • by e-mail: eccnet-pl@ec.europa.eu
  • visiting our office at Plac Powstancow Warszawy 1 in Warsaw
    (Monday-Friday, 10 am-2 pm)

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ECC Poland Team

Renata Yanisiv

ECC Poland Coordinator

Wojciech Szczerba

Case-handling Coordinator

Emilia Ekiert-Jurusik


Adrianna Kowalczyk


Magdalena Drewnowska

Administrative coordinator

Aleksandra Piszczorowicz

Communication Officer

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