Examples of cases

The seller is absolutely “unprotected”

A Czech consumer bought by the internet tool set from the polish trader for 160 PLN (948 CZK). After receiving the parcel, he found out the quality of the goods was very bad and the case had small cracking. The consumer decided to withdraw from the contract within 14 days and sent back the product.

Unfortunately, instead of a refund, he received information that the returned product is destroyed. The seller asked him to provide a report of the damage made by the courier. The consumer did not have it because he checked the package after the courier had left. The trader decided to reduce the refunded amount by 50 PLN (300 CZK). The consumer referred the case to ECC Czech Republic, which forwarded it to ECC Poland. The Polish center informed the trader that dependence on the validity of the complaint by presenting the protocol of damage is a forbidden clause. The trader then stated that “Unfortunately, in such cases, the seller is absolutely unprotected” but he refunded the full amount to the consumer’s account.

· 15 October 2018 · 15:04