Examples of cases

The airline didn’t “score points”

The Irish airline during booking process suggested to the consumer to book an accommodation. Then the consumer would receive a refund of 10 % of the hotel’s booking costs (35 euro) in the form of “points”, that could be used to pay for future flights. The client used this option. In accordance with the terms of the offer, points were to be made available to him within 10 days from the check out. After the trip points were still visible in the “waiting coupons” tab then suddenly disappeared.

However terms of the offer, stated that they would be valid for six months, which is why the consumer informed the airline about the situation. In response, the carrier did not refer to the “validity period” indicated by the customer, but only informed that the points expired (after few days).

Then the consumer decided to use the free help of the European Consumer Centres Network. Thanks to the cooperation between ECC Poland and ECC Ireland the airline transferred 33,65 euro on his bank account.

· 5 July 2019 · 16:28