Examples of cases

Subscription for CV

The Polish consumer wanted to pimp her standard CV, so she used a paid online creator. She paid 9,99 PLN (≈2,50 EUR) for the chosen template. After a week from her card, was taken 59,99 PLN (≈14 EUR). It turned out that she signed a subscription contract to use the account. The amount was supposed to be paid on a monthly basis. Importantly, the existence of a subscription was not clearly informed by the company.

The consumer immediately wanted to cancel the subscription and get her money back. The owner of the portal refused. Because the company was registered in the Netherlands, the case was sent to ECC Poland. After the intervention of the Polish and Dutch centre, the company gave back 59.99 PLN and changed the way information is presented on its website. In addition, the entrepreneur began to provide his full contact details, place of registration, more precisely defined the applicable law in the regulations.

· 14 June 2019 · 11:08