Examples of cases

Journey with “class”

Polish family of three was flying from Dominican Republic to Poland with a charter airline registered in the Netherlands. Their journey was delayed by more than 3 hours, in addition, one passenger was moved to a lower class. President of the Civil Aviation Office in Poland admitted the right to compensation because of a delay, as well as compensation of the amount of 1,105.12 PLN  (around 258 euro – 75% of the ticket price) for the lowering of the class. The passengers got compensation for the delayed flight, but the airline consistently refused to pay the money for changing the class. The airline pointed out the organizer – the Polish travel agency as the responsible for the situation. At the ECC’s strong request, the agency contacted its airline. After exchanging correspondence between ECC Poland and ECC Netherlands with a travel agency and carrier, the latter paid PLN 1105.12 PLN.     · 6 August 2019 · 10:03