Examples of cases

Rent a car with a collision

A Polish consumer spent her holidays in Spain. Before leaving Poland she had rented a car through the website of the British broker. The consumer also decided to purchase additional “full protection” insurance. During her holidays she had collided with the other vehicle due to another driver’s fault. Despite the fact she had bought car insurance, Spanish car rental company requested from her to cover the repair costs of 1000 EUR.
After holidays, a consumer demanded reimbursement but non of companies want to take responsibiletes for this situation. The British broker informed her that was still expecting of ending of proceedings by the Spanish rental, while it was confirmed by the Spanish company that it had already closed the case. The consumer has decided to report the matter to the ECC-Net. Thanks to the cooperation of ECC Poland and ECC UK, the British broker approved the completion of the procedure by the Spanish trader and returned the costs of 1000 EUR to the consumer.
· 28 August 2017 · 09:06