Examples of cases

Reimbursement for infectious disease

The Polish consumer has bought a flight from Cracow to Bristol with Irish airlines. A few days before leaving, she became ill with an infectious disease which prevented her from using the ticket. The consumer perceived her health problem as an extraordinary circumstance. She  decided to refer to the terms and conditions of carriage, which indicated that in the event of a serious passenger illness, the airline can make a return of cost “at its discretion”.
Consequently, the passenger contacted the carrier, but the airline did not want to give her money back. After an unsuccessful attempt, she requested help from ECC-Net. ECC Poland analyzed the case, transferred it to ECC Ireland, which contacted the Irish airlines. Despite the previous refusal, the airline accepted ECC-Net’s line of argument. Two weeks after transferring the case by the network, the consumer received a refund of 258 euros.
· 22 November 2017 · 09:02