Examples of cases

Compansation for spamming

Polish consumer notoriously was receiving SPAM messages from the popular in Poland, Swedish clothing store. Despite many contacts with the trader, the e-mails have not stopped coming. The consumer decided to hire a law company to help him block a unwanted massages. Despite the efforts, emails were still being sent.
He paid 150 PLN (36 EUR) for the service of the law company. The consumer decided to get them back from the clothing store, that is why he contacted ECC Poland. The centre transferred the case to the ECC Sweden demanding a refund of 150 PLN on behalf of the consumer. Thanks to the cooperation of ECC Poland and ECC Sweden after a few weeks the trader offered a compensation of 100 PLN (24 EUR) for each email received by consumer. In total he received 1700 PLN (408 EUR).
· 13 July 2017 · 09:07