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UEFA EURO 2012 – First Aid Consumer Kit and mobile application with useful tips

The “First Aid Consumer Kit” comprises useful information about ticketing, transport and passengers’ rights, accomodation standars, medical insurance and much more. For smartphone users we reccomend to dowload useful mobile application – Euro Informer.  It is a portable football fan guide informing about interesting places, exiting events in which to participate, and things that you need to know during the European Football Championship. European Consumer Centre in Poland prepared a set of practical tips concerning travel and shopping, which can be also found there.

If you want to participate in the Euro 2012 just take a moment to turn your phone into an all-wise companion who will help you to find a restaurant, parking or ATM. Euro Informer also will help you to get a taxi or find out interesting events that are happening in your area. It will also help you in troubles as it contains all the local emergency phone numbers and embassies in Poland and Ukraine.

You can dowload Euro Informer for free at: Google Play and iTunes Store

Check the tips before you go!

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· 1 grudnia 2014 · 13:25