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OLT Express Poland sp. z o.o. – Notification on the Declaration of Bankruptcy

According to the information received by ECC Poland from respective court  that the deadline fixed for court claims is not a stricte time limit so consumer can still lodge their motion longer yet it should be done promptly.

In case of question please contact ECC Poland:

  • phone: +48 22 55 60 118;
  • email: secretariat@konsument.gov.pl

The trustee in bankruptcy informs that in accordance with the relevant provisions of Act of 28th February 2003 on Law on Bankruptcy and Reorganization, all debts due to the creditor in relation to the bankruptcy estate are satisfied in the manner as provided in this Act, i.e. by lodging a claim in the bankruptcy proceedings.

Submission of claims, in accordance with art. 239-240 of Act on Law on Bankruptcy and Reorganization, should be made with the file number X GUp 116/12 in two counterpart copies, presented to Judge Commissioner supervising the bankruptcy proceedings of OLT Express Poland LLC with the registered office in Warsaw, to the address:

Sąd Rejonowy dla m. st. Warszawy
Wydział X Gospodarczy
dla spraw upadłościowych i naprawczych
ul. Czerniakowska 100
00-454 Warszawa

Judge Commissioner

District Court Judge

File number: X GUp 116/12

within three months from the date of the announcement on the declaration of bankruptcy in ‘Court and Economic Monitor’.

Persons, who are entitled to rights and personal rights and claims encumbered in property belonging to the debtor,  in the case that they have not been enclosed by the entry in the land and mortgage register, should notify them within 3 months from the date of the declaration of bankruptcy announcement in ‘Court and Economic Monitor’ on the pain of losing the right to claim on them in the bankruptcy proceedings.

Submission of claims should include:

1. the full name or the name of the debtor’s company and the place of residence or the registered office respectively (in the case of the declaration of bankruptcy by the entity conducting the business activity, the copy from the National Court Register should be included from which it will appear that the person signing the declaration on behalf of  the entrepreneur is entitled);

2. the specification of the claim with the incidental dues and the value of non-cash claim;

3. the evidences confirming the existence of claim (original or the copies confirmed by the notary public or the representative – solicitor or barrister – with the reservation it must be the representative appointed to represent the creditor in the bankruptcy proceedings of OLT Express Poland sp. z o.o.  with its registered office in Warsaw, with the file number X GUp 116/12; the representative should include the power of attorney in the notifications of claims) – the certification of copy of documents by the creditor or accounting office does not perform the requirements of Act on Bankruptcy and Reorganization Law;

4. the category to which the claim should be included;

5. the securities connected with the claim and the creditor’s statement in which sum the claim will not be satisfied from the collateral – if it exists;

6. in the event that the claim is notified, in relation to the debtor is not the personal debtor, the collateral from which the claim is the subject to satisfaction;

7. the status of the case, if the court or administrative proceedings are brought;

8.  the amount of shares or stocks and their type – if the creditor is the representative or the stakeholder of the company being as a debtor.

The notification of claim should be lodged to the Regional Court for Capital City of Warsaw, X Commercial Division for Bankruptcy and Reorganization, at 100 Czerniakowska, 05-484 Warsaw, (not to the address of trustee in bankruptcy office!) in two counterpart copies.

In the case that the creditor uses the exemplary form of claim notification, all the dotted spaces should be fulfilled in. If any space is not related to the specific creditor, the text ‘not related’ or ‘lack’ should be written there. If you remain the unfilled spaces, as a result of that the formal lack of claim notification may arise and cause the necessity to the return of the notification without calling the creditor to fulfill it.

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