Examples of cases

Flight on my own

A Polish consumer with her family (3 people in total) had a flight from Burgas to Warsaw operated by Hungarian airlines. The carrier unexpectedly canceled the flight and offered for the passengers a replacement flight after week from the original date of the departure. The consumer could not wait so long, so she bought the tickets by her own from Burgas to Warsaw (via Prague) with another carrier.

After arrival, passenger submitted a complaint demanding compensation. The carrier refused the claims, explaining that the reason for the cancellation was a technical problem belonging to extraordinary circumstances. The consumer filed a complaint to Bulgarian NEB, which after a detailed examination found that passengers are not entitled to compensation, because the airport on that day was closed as a result of an accident caused by another airline.

The consumer decided to fight for the reimbursement of other costs (accommodation, transport and meals in Prague as well as the cost of the ticket), that’s why she reported the case to ECC Poland. Thanks to the cooperation between the ECC Poland and ECC Hungary, passengers were reimbursed for the original ticket and the cost of stay in Prague at around 700 euro.

· 22 August 2018 · 15:11