Examples of cases

No eggs in the henhouse

A Polish consumer has ordered by the internet from the German trader henhouse for own assembly. The consumer wanted to buy a solid product, so she spent a few days to review the internet offers. The purchased henhouse was advertised as durable and safe. Unfortunately, on the first night of use, a piece of the henhouse wall (which was a ready-made element) fell off, what caused breaking the floor.

After the incident the consumer looked more closely and carefully at the product, it turned out that the ready-made elements were connected with a very short screw and a drop of glue. The consumer incurred the costs of repairing and strengthening the henhouse. She also field a complaints demanding the refund – half of the price she paid for the henhouse (75 EUR), but she did not received any answer.

The case was reported to the European Consumer Centre in Poland, which together with the ECC Germany (ECC of the trader) obtained a full amount of money that was demanded by the consumer (EUR 75).

· 27 July 2018 · 09:09