Examples of cases

Computerized complaints system failed

The company from Luxembourg that offers payment services informed its users in November 2020 that it would charge them for the inactive accounts. Mrs. Barbara wanted to log into her account in order to delete it. Yet, she did not remember the password to the account, and for the verification purposes she had given the company her phone number which was no longer active. The company’s consultant advised her via chat to deregister the account by e-mail. Nevertheless, she didn’t receive the  response to her e-mail. Instead, the company sent her an email notification that the response had been sent to the account that she could not access.

The consumer did not want to incur any cost. She was looking for a support and reported her matter to ECC Poland. Thanks to the cooperation with the ECC Luxembourg, the centres managed to succeed  in deleting the consumer’s account.

· 26 February 2021 · 09:56