Examples of cases


Before buying a car, Mr Jan decided to have it checked. For that purpose, he bought a car expertise service on the Internet and paid 86 euro. The company was registered in the UK.

After paying for the service, the trader informed him that they were unable to check the car he had chosen. As a alternative, they offered him a refund or the inspection of another car. The consumer decided that he wanted his money back. 

He did not receive a refund for a long time. The consumer finally got an email informing him that the refund is not possible, the only option is expertise on another car. Three months after purchasing the service, Mr Jan received another email, this time concerning the closure of his case. 

The consumer reported the case to the local Consumer Ombudsman, who forwarded the cross-border case to ECC Poland.

Thanks to the cooperation between ECC Poland and ECC UK, the consumer received a full refund.

· 24 February 2022 · 13:32