Examples of cases

Two different shoes

A Bulgarian consumer bought shoes on the website of a well-known Polish shoe shop. At first sight, everything was fine. She decided to wear them outside. After half an hour of walking, she felt uncomfortable in one shoe.

It occoured that the length of the insole of one shoe was half a centimetre shorter. What is more the shoes also looked different! The tip was oval in one and more pointed in the other shoe.

However, after the customer sent a complaint, the seller did not want to accept it.

The consumer decided to turn to the ECC Bulgaria. This center, according to ECC’s rules, forwarded a case to the ECC Poland.

After contacting the ECC Poland, the entrepreneur agreed to send shoes back to the expertise. After receiving them, admitted the shoes are different and returned the full amount of €71.20 to the consumer.

· 21 October 2020 · 16:06