Examples of cases

Slimming pills – no effects

A Czech consumer ordered slimming pills from a Polish shop. The seller guaranteed to reduce the waist circumference after only 14 days of taking the supplement. The consumer followed the instructions, took the pills and was on the diet. After two weeks, he stated that despite the assurances, he still had no reason to smile when looking at himself in the mirror – this was how the specificity was advertised by the seller.

Disappointed with the lack of results, he sent a complaint, but did not receive an answer. He decided then to refer the complaint to ECC-Net.

ECC Czech Republic, in accordance with ECC rules, referred the case to ECC Poland, which contacted the seller. The trader in response to the Polish centre indicated that they inform on the website that “the effects of a dietary supplement may vary from person to person”.

In the end, the trader accepted the ECC-Net’s argument and reimbursed him the purchase cost of  40 euro.

· 16 November 2020 · 17:12