Examples of cases

The ski pants

A Polish winter sports enthusiast bought ski pants in a Czech shop. Almost after 2 years (about several days of use) he noticed that the zipper broke down. The customer sent a complaint. The seller considered the damage as mechanical, thus blaming the consumer. The case was sent to ECC-Net. ECC Poland in cooperation with ECC Czech Republic contacted the shop. The seller after the first contact rejected the case because of the burden of proof. According to Polish law, if the defect became apparent after a year, the customer must prove that it existed at the time of purchase. On the advice of ECC Poland, the consumer ordered an expert opinion, which stated that the zipper come apart because it was sewn in too shallowly. The consumer managed to get a refund of 648 PLN (155 EUR) for defective ski pants and 86 PLN (21 EUR) for the costs of a professional opinion. · 22 January 2020 · 15:56