Subscription for love

Mr Rafal set up an account on an Irish dating app. He only wanted to use the 3-day trial period. In his complaint, he pointed out that the app and the website did not allow him to withdraw from the contract. The password was no longer working. The consumer tried to change it, but each attempt he made ended with an website error: this link had expired.

He decided to unsubscribe by email as well. This did not work either. Mr Rafał contacted ECC Poland, which handled the case with ECC Ireland. The dating app, in its response to ECC Ireland, indicated that cancellation of the subscription must be done in accordance with the terms and conditions. In this case it could not happen due to an error on the website.

Thanks to the intervention of ECC-Net, Mr Rafał received a refund in the amount of 380 PLN (80 EUR).

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