Extra refund for an extra seat

A consumer travelling from Krakow to Brazil with a French airline decided to buy an extra seat on a plane. The airline’s terms and conditions states that if there are empty seats on the plane, the passenger will get a refund for extra seat booked.

This is what happened in this case – there were many empty seats on the plane. The consumer asked the cabin crew for confirmation and, following their instructions, she sent a complaint.

After a month, she received a reply that she is entitled to a refund – she filled in the refund application and waited. However her request was rejected, the airline asked for the procedure to be repeated.

The consumer was tired of waiting. The carrier delayed the refund for 3 months! The consumer decided to turn to ECC Poland for help.

Thanks to the cooperation between ECC Poland and ECC France – the consumer received a full refund of EUR 499.

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