A British consumer living in Poland bought a laptop from a manufacturer-authorised retailer based in the Netherlands. From the beginning, the laptop was problematic – it kept freezing frequently, and after a few months it stopped working completely. The consumer reported the problem via the online shop. He did not realise that he had reported the matter to the guarantee service under guarantee. However, the laptop was repaired.

After a short time, the same problem reappeared. The consumer chose the same form of contact and again went to the service centre, which said that the next repair would be paid for.

The consumer did not agree with this, so he turned to ECC Poland for help – visiting the centre in person.

An ECC lawyer advised him that, in addition to the guarantee, he had the right to complain to the seller under the legal warranty. The ECC adviser helped him to find the address to which he should send his complaint and also pointed out the legal basis for the consumer to use.

It turned out that with the help of ECC Poland the consumer resolved the case by a simple complaint,. The seller agreed to refund him 733 euro.