Examples of cases

Hotel in Mexico

Mr Michal with his family booked 4 nights’ stay in Mexico through a Netherlands intermediary portal. After two nights, while the consumers were away from the hotel, the staff packed their belongings and rented the room to other people. The hotel stated that the consumer had only booked 2 nights.

The hotel admitted their mistake, but consumer was told they did not have spare rooms.

Mr Michal complained to intermediary booking portal, who promised to arrange alternative accommodation, but it turned out that they made a mistake and arranged the booking for March, rather than February. Consumers ended up sleeping in their hire car, worried about their safety.

The consumer incurred high costs of telephone calls and travel to find alternative accommodation. The consumer demanded from the intermediary compensation of PLN 272 (EUR 50). However, trader offered him 25 euro in the form of a voucher, which Mr Michal considered insufficient. Then consumer decided to seek help from ECC-Net.

Thanks to the cooperation between ECC Poland and ECC Netherlands, the consumer got his money back.

· 20 April 2022 · 15:48