Not made of sugar, but melted away!

european consumer centre poland

Mr Piotr was travelling by a German airline from Gdańsk to Hamburg. After landing he found out that his luggage was missing. In addition to personal items, the luggage contained the confectioner’s working accessories, such as cake decorating tubes and cream puff spritzers and others. He estimated the value of the luggage at around 7 000 PLN (1554 euro)!

The consumer reported the missing luggage at the airport, where he received a PIR report. Then he sent a complaint to the airline. Contact with the company had no effect – the luggage was not found, and complaint went unanswered.

Mr Piotr reported the case to ECC Poland and asked for help.

Thanks to the cooperation of ECC Germany and ECC Poland, the German airline paid the passenger compensation he had requested of 1554 euro.


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