Examples of cases

Missing payments

Mr Dariusz says he is making regular payments (12 euro per month) into his account operated by a well-known portal from Luxmburg offering online payment services. In May, he had noticed three of these payments missing (36 euro).

Consumer complained to company and received the standard replies, which stated that if the payment was not acknowledged by trader, they would bounce back to his bank of origin. Mr Dariusz complained to his bank and was advised that the payments were correctly executed and that he should take this up with Luxembourg trader.

However, the company refused to reimburse him, stating that they could not locate the money.

Mr Dariusz then turned to ECC Poland for help, which shared the case with ECC Luxembourg. Thanks to ECC-Net’s cooperation, the consumer received a full refund.

· 25 November 2021 · 14:32