Examples of cases

Incorrectly membership

A consumer registered on a well-known dating portal from Luxembourg and paid a monthly membership fee of 10 euro. During registration, she provided an incorrect e-mail address, and was unable to log in. Customer service assured her that her account was working fine and she should be able to use it. The consumer, seeing no other solution, decided to withdraw from the contract within 14 days. Consumer received confirmation that her account had been deactivated. After a month her card was charged again, this time for an amount of 50 euro.

She applied to the bank to initiate a chargeback procedure. With the help of the bank she get back the 50 euro. During correspondence with the consumer the trader admitted that the account was registered to a wrong e-mail address. However, trader refused to refund the first membership fee of 10 euro and delete the account.

The case was sent to the ECC Poland, which according to its ECC rules forwarded it to the centre of the trader’s country – ECC Luxembourg. With the help of the ECC Network, the consumer get back the first payment and the also agreed to delete the account.


· 12 May 2021 · 12:31