Examples of cases

Guarantee or warranty?

A Lithuanian consumer bought a fence span in a Polish store. Then he transported the equipment to his home in Lithuania and installed it. After a while, several parts began to peel. The consumer reported this to the Polish seller, but he referred the case to the manufacturer based on the guarantee card. However, the manufacturer rejected the complaint. The guarantee card clearly indicated that it applies only to the territory of Poland – also in regard to the use of the product. Then the consumer decided to submit a complaint to ECC Lithuania, which in accordance with our procedures, referred the case to ECC Poland. The Polish center decided to lead the case not against the guarantor (manufacturer), but the seller who is responsible for the product under the warranty. In this case, the country of use of goods does not matter. It turned out that we hit the bullseye! Thanks to our intervention, the seller agreed to replace the spans with new ones, which fully satisfied the consumer. · 8 November 2019 · 10:22