Examples of cases

Errors on the tracks

A polish consumer bought via internet two-way train tickets from Ostrava to Prague from the private Czech railway company. The trader offered a comfortable journey with many amenities. A few days after booking, Czech railways informed him by e-mail of the cancellation of tickets purchased due to technical errors in the reservation system. Despite the passage of several weeks and assurances of carrier that the paid funds will be returned, the consumer has not got the money back.
Therefore, he decided to report the case to ECC Poland. Polish center forwarded the complaint to the ECC Czech Republic, demanding on behalf of the consumer the return of 168 PLN (40 euro). Five days after the contact ECC-Net with the trader, the funds were credited back to passenger’s account. In addition, the Czech railway apologized to the customer for cancellation of tickets and late payment.
· 25 October 2017 · 09:03