Examples of cases

3 customer’s requirements

Car rental abroad can be quite a challenge, the Polish tourists who planned a trip to Spain have experienced. Consumers rented the car via the Polish travel agency and they had a few requirements: a car needed to be small, picking up from the hotel (for which they had to pay an additional fee) and deposit should be paid in cash.

A travel agent assured that all customer requirements will be met. It turned out that the Spanish car rental company did not receive any additional payment for delivering the car to the hotel. Consumers had to pick up the car from a town 25 km away. Upon arrival, it turned out that the deposit can be paid via a credit card only. The information on the voucher indicating payment by cash or credit card was insufficient. As a consequence the tourists did not receive booked car.

The consumers sent a complaint to the Polish travel agency, but it turned out that the contractual partner is the German trader. Despite the fact that consumers have described the negligence of their Polish representative, they received the answer that it was their  fault. The clients complained to the ECC Poland which, thanks to the cooperation with ECC Germany, proved that the Polish intermediary was the guilty party. As a result, consumers received a full refund of 145 EUR.

· 26 April 2019 · 13:57