How to write a complaint to a travel agency?

Complaints in English

In the period between <enter the dates> I spent my vacation in <city and country name>.

Description of the situation and justification

The tourist services you provided have not met my expectations, since <state the reasons why you are not satisfied, e.g.: the air conditioning in the room was not working or the spa was closed>. My expectations were based on your offer. According to it <explain what was
included in the offer and that based on it you believe that your complaint is justified>.

Request and deadline for processing

I request to <specify your claims, e.g. a refund of money in the amount of…>. I am looking forward for your reply to this <letter/e-mail> within 14 calendar days from the date of receiving it.

Yours faithfully,
<first and last name>


  • copy of the offer or/and contract
  • confirmation of the money transfer or statement from the credit card
  • pictures of the room or other confirmation of the existing conditions inconsistent
    with the offer/contract
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