Examples of cases

Unlucky cyclist

A Polish consumer bought online  from the German trader a bike for 3730 euro. After a half a year the consumer field a complaint to the seller due to a broken bike component (seattube). The store considered the complaint positively and replaced broken part with a new one. However, the situation has repeated twice. On the third complaint, the trader informed the consumer that he did not have a seattube in a given color and could propose a different shade. The proposal did not satisfy the consumer, therefore he decided to withdraw from the contract.

German trader proposed to the consumer refund reduced by 20% of the price (780 euro) due to use of the bicycle for 1,5 years. The consumer rejected the seller’s offer and reported the case to ECC Poland, which in cooperation with ECC Germany helped him to get a full refund – 3700 euro.

· 19 March 2018 · 10:28