• Examples of cases

    Rent a car with a collision

    A Polish consumer spent her holidays in Spain. Before leaving Poland she had rented a car through the website of the British broker. The consumer also decided to purchase additional “full protection” insurance.

    · 28 August 2017 · 09:06
  • Examples of cases

    Help! I was robbed

    Polish consumer was spending holidays in a Spanish hotel in Tenerife. During her absence somebody broke into her locked room and stole a laptop of 3000 PLN (714 EUR) and a camera of 1500 PLN (360 EUR).

    · 12 June 2017 · 09:08
  • Examples of cases

    Dietary supplements

    A Finnish consumer bought supplements from a Polish seller. The product was covered by a quality guarantee, which meant that, in the absence of effects, the consumer could return the goods and receive a full reimbursement.

    · 17 March 2017 · 09:20
  • Examples of cases

    Free book for 45 euros

    One day a consumer while sitting at home heard the doorbell. She opened the door, in front of her was a courier who handed her a package with a book about dieting. Although she was surprised...

    · 5 February 2017 · 09:23