Annexe to the quality charter

The ECC-Net is competent:

  • If the request comes from a consumer, meaning a ‘natural person who is acting for the purposes which are outside his trade, business and profession’
  • and concerns a professional trader
  • If there is a cross border context to the claim within the EU, Iceland and Norway

The ECC is not competent:

  • For complaints involving two private individuals (purchase of goods or holiday rentals between two private persons for example)
  • For complaints involving two traders (for example claims linked to business directories)
  • If the complaint concerns a trader outside the geographical scope of the network (Switzerland, USA, China, Russia…)
  • If the trader has expressly refused to cooperate with the ECC-Net
  • If you have already started a legal procedure/court procedure

If your query relates to a matter that falls outside the remit of ECC-Net, we will inform you accordingly and provide the contact details of any relevant body or organisation competent to deal with your query. This will be the case for example

  • If we cannot identify the trader (false addresses, hidden registrar of webdomain….)
  • In case of fraud (counterfeiting, so called snowball systems, …)
  • For specific investment products such as forex, binary options, cryptocurrencies

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