„Consumer at the border”- ECC Poland in Cieszyn

ECC Poland, ECC Czech Republic and ECC Slovakia will visit Cieszyn on 15th of June, during the „Święto Trzech Braci” („the Celebration of Three Brothers”)  to inform residents of their consumer rights and to provide them with information on the free of charge help, which they can get from the European Consumer Centers Network (ECC-Net). The experience of the ECC-Net shows that the residents of the border towns often pay attention to offers of traders from neighboring countries. The companies deciding to expand their business advertise in nearby countries and consumers can choose the most attractive products and services without worrying about distance. And what consumers should do if they encounter a problem with a foreign trader? The answer is the European Consumer Center in Poland a member of ECC-Net – a network which helps consumers to resolve cross-border cases, free of charge and in an amicable way. The European Consumer Center in Poland together with ECC Czech Republic and ECC Slovakia will take part in „Święto Trzech Braci” (The Celebration of Three Brothers). Participants of the event will have chance to get information about consumer rights in Poland and other EU countries, obtain free legal advice in four languages, and win prizes in quizzes. Where and when can you find us?  Meet us on 15th of June in our stand at the Main Market Square in Polish Cieszyn, at 12.00 pm.-8.00. pm. · 11 June 2018 · 09:22