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  • ECC Poland informs consumers about their rights in the EU, Norway and Iceland
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European Consumer Summit 2016 - achievements and challenges

On 17th of October started the European Consumer Summit 2016 organized by the European Commission in Brussels. The European Consumer Centers (ECC-Net), including ECC Poland shall attend the meeting. Follow the discussion

Changes in roaming charges in the EU

From April 30th, surcharges for phone calls and data usage when you’re in another EU country are capped even further, while from 15 June 2017 using your mobile phone abroad should cost the same as doing so at home.

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Adventure in amusement park

The consumer went with his wife and children to the amusement park in Germany. While purchasing tickets had to keep an eye on his little children, so his attention was weakened. After leaving the cash register, he noticed that the cashier gave him 50 euros not enough rest.


The Polish consumer while watching teleshopping decided to purchase gold-plated necklace. After two weeks received a package. Unfortunately, he noticed that the product is not made from gold, but from its imitation - tombac. It also turned out that the seller is established in Hungary. However the buyer decided to withdraw from the contract and return the product to entrepreneur.

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